Campaign Tracking and Optimization

In our latest edition of Paid To Think Business Magazine Todd Brown leads us through what it takes to increase your R.O.I.

VIDEO 3 Just Released: “Easy, Fast, & Profitable Marketing Decisions With Simple Numbers”

You need to set aside 19 minutes to watch this video ASAP…

You’ll find it here:

It’s possibly one of the most valuable little training videos you’ve ever seen on how to scientifically optimize a marketing funnel for more sales.

It’s from Todd Brown, the guy almost every popular marketers agrees is THE go-to guy for engineering wildly profitable marketing funnels.

This new video shares the exact process he uses for rolling out a new funnel… and bringing it to profitable, FAST!

 You’ll learn how he does it using a couple of simple numbers. (It’s crazy how formulaic he’s made it.)

Just follow what Todd lays-out in the video, and you’ll almost never need to guess again at any marketing decision with your sales funnel.

“Optimizing Your Conversions and Growing Your Sales With Complete Campaign Tracking”


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