Campaign Tracking and Optimization

Improve your results by using this optimization tool

Improve your results by using this optimization tool

If you are interested in improving your results online then drop all the things that you are doing today and watch this special training by Todd Brown. This really is at the heart of what you should be doing and that is, to track your results.

If you do not know what your results are then it is impossible to sell your products and services. It’s not enough to know one metric, it’s important to know all the important metrics and to know how each part of your marketing is working.

Todd Brown has made it easy. He shows you which metrics to pay attention to so that you don’t waste money on advertising and instead continue to improve your return on investment. The optimization tool you’ll learn about tracks about 10 different metrics so you can see how each marketing effort performs.

With this tool you will have the necessary information at your finger tips to see how EVERY part of your work is performing. You will know where your best and most profiotable traffic is coming from and you will know where you can improve your numbers to GET MORE SALES!

This optimization tool can change your life and your profits!

 **The video series that shows you how the best marketers online scientifically improve and grow sales with their marketing funnels using a couple of simple numbers.

Video 1: The savviest marketers are now using something called, Complete Campaign Tracking to dial-in the sales and conversion rates of their funnels with total complete confidence and total accuracy.


Video 2: Shows you a simple method you can use to make your marketing funnel profitable.


Video 3: Everything you need to know about your marketing funnel to ensure you get to profits, FAST!



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