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Are you ready and prepared for a downturn?

Why is demand falling? We are fighting Deflation, Debt and Demographics.

Paid To Think Business Magazine

Paid To Think Business Magazine

We may be seeing the start of a wild ride in financial markets and the big clue is that bank stock prices are falling. BREXIT could be the trigger to more turmoil, not only for Britain and Europe but for you.

We hope for the best… but prepare for the worst.

Check out our new issue and we hope to show you how to turn lemons into lemonade.



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Your Live Stream Q&A Hangout

ConversionFlyJoin the hangout!


This is a RARE opportunity for you to ask questions about marketing, tracking and setting up your marketing funnel and using ConversionFly: let Todd personally answer your questions.

It’s a chance for you to spend some time learning from Todd Brown — the guy every top online marketer considers to be THE go-to expert for consistently engineering big-money marketing funnels.

Todd Brown wants to talk to you about marketing funnels, tracking, and “making it rain” in your business. You’ll watch him LIVE from his home office… as he teaches you what he does to set-up high-conversion marketing funnels for clients that pay his agency upwards of $50,000 a pop.

And, it’s also a chance for you to have him talk to you about YOUR funnel. (Folks pay him $10,000 a day for advice.)

It’s all going down TONIGHT (Thursday, April 28th) at 8PM EST.

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Paid To Think Business Magazine

Track and Optimize Your Marketing



Video #4 ConversionFly

“BIG Webinar” REPLAY

DEMO of ConversionFly




Conversion Fly – Amazing Campaign Tracking and Optimization Tool

Poor Sales? You Need To See This Marketing Tool!

ConversionFly accounts are now up for grabs! You want to get one?

It’s quite possibly the most revolutionary marketing tool that’s been released in a long time.

It will show you:

  •   What to do when setting-up a new marketing funnel to get to profits – FAST!
  •   Exactly what to do to fix one of your broken or under-performing marketing funnels!
  •   How to generate maximum sales and profits from every marketing campaign!

It’s a new type of marketing funnel tracking, reporting, and optimization tool that uses what’s called, Lossless Tracking to give you some simple, but actionable data.

It’s the brainchild of Todd Brown — the guy all the top marketers consider the GO-TO guy for engineering wildly profitable marketing funnels.

It’s the same tool he paid tens of thousands of dollars to have create for himself and his company.

And TODAY you have the chance to get your own account.

I recommend you jump on this And grab your ConversionFly account today.


Campaign Tracking and Optimization

Improve your results by using this optimization tool

Improve your results by using this optimization tool

If you are interested in improving your results online then drop all the things that you are doing today and watch this special training by Todd Brown. This really is at the heart of what you should be doing and that is, to track your results.

If you do not know what your results are then it is impossible to sell your products and services. It’s not enough to know one metric, it’s important to know all the important metrics and to know how each part of your marketing is working.

Todd Brown has made it easy. He shows you which metrics to pay attention to so that you don’t waste money on advertising and instead continue to improve your return on investment. The optimization tool you’ll learn about tracks about 10 different metrics so you can see how each marketing effort performs.

With this tool you will have the necessary information at your finger tips to see how EVERY part of your work is performing. You will know where your best and most profiotable traffic is coming from and you will know where you can improve your numbers to GET MORE SALES!

This optimization tool can change your life and your profits!

 **The video series that shows you how the best marketers online scientifically improve and grow sales with their marketing funnels using a couple of simple numbers.

Video 1: The savviest marketers are now using something called, Complete Campaign Tracking to dial-in the sales and conversion rates of their funnels with total complete confidence and total accuracy.


Video 2: Shows you a simple method you can use to make your marketing funnel profitable.


Video 3: Everything you need to know about your marketing funnel to ensure you get to profits, FAST!



Campaign Tracking and Optimization

In our latest edition of Paid To Think Business Magazine Todd Brown leads us through what it takes to increase your R.O.I.

VIDEO 3 Just Released: “Easy, Fast, & Profitable Marketing Decisions With Simple Numbers”

You need to set aside 19 minutes to watch this video ASAP…

You’ll find it here:

It’s possibly one of the most valuable little training videos you’ve ever seen on how to scientifically optimize a marketing funnel for more sales.

It’s from Todd Brown, the guy almost every popular marketers agrees is THE go-to guy for engineering wildly profitable marketing funnels.

This new video shares the exact process he uses for rolling out a new funnel… and bringing it to profitable, FAST!

 You’ll learn how he does it using a couple of simple numbers. (It’s crazy how formulaic he’s made it.)

Just follow what Todd lays-out in the video, and you’ll almost never need to guess again at any marketing decision with your sales funnel.

“Optimizing Your Conversions and Growing Your Sales With Complete Campaign Tracking”


3 Must-Use Marketing Funnel Metrics In 2016

It’s all about traffic and conversion, average marketers still struggle to convert the traffic they’re already getting into sales. Most are still NOT able to put $1 into traffic and get more than $1 out. Now you can learn how to fix your purchase funnel

Download Your Marketing Report

If you’re also struggling in this area, there’s a brand new PDF you want to download and read right away. It shows you how to fix and optimize any marketing promotion, campaign, or funnel without having to guess at what you should do.

Fix and Track Your Campaigns

You’ll read all about:

* How the savviest direct response marketers are now scientifically tracking and optimizing all of their marketing campaigns and sales funnels with zero guesswork!

* How to turn any unprofitable traffic channels into profitable sources of new customers! (Sounds like an oxymoron, I know. But you’ll see exactly how and why it works.)

* How to simultaneously optimize a single sales funnel for multiple traffic channels so you’re profitable with every traffic source you use!

* How A-player marketers are now tracking all marketing activities… across mobile, tablet, and desktop… with complete accuracy! (Do this, and you’ll know everything going on with every piece of your marketing.)

* How to use 4 simple “optimization metrics” to fix any unprofitable or poorly performing sales funnel!

Traffic + Conversion + _______ = The Real Secret

If you’re actively doing any kind of marketing online right now, you need the info inside this new FREE Marketing Report.

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