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Paid To Think Business Magazine

How Accessible Are Your Products and Services?

What if we could put your audios and videos on auto and help you build your list??

Your Promotion

If you are not using automated promotions you are working extra hard!

We can help you with your marketing efforts and promote your business and help you automate. We can set up your offer to show up 24/7, 365 days of the year. Each month your promotion is reproduced in a new magazine issue. We also include your link so that readers can subscribe to your list and find out about your offers.

You can set up your video tutorials to run 24/7 at the special charter member rate, while it lasts, as well as build your following, and we’ll help.

How much will this cost?

I’m glad you asked!

Right now we have a special Charter Member Offer, but we are now reviewing the rates. Currently, you can get one advertorial, or video, or audio, as well as, a bio and image and a link to grow your list, in Paid To Think Business Magazine  for $100 per month. This is a discount rate and a small part of what other members will pay to advertise.


Learn About Our Platform

– reach readers with iPhones and iPads ….

Paid To Think Business Magazine is your platform for promoting your products and services. Let us show you how you can build your list and promote your brand.


Advertise with Paid To Think Business Magazine

Advertise with Paid To Think Business Magazine

Would you like our magazine to promote you?

This magazine would like to play it’s part in helping your business establish it’s presence and brand. In order to do this we will provide you with a place for your image, your advertorial article, bio and a link to your website, as well as let you know about opportunities to promote you in the magazine.

Your offer will appear in the services section of the magazine. This section is available to anyone who has a product or service to sell and allows you to tell readers the benefits of choosing to do business with you and gives you the opportunity to create your business brand.

Will You Be Our Next Cover Story?
$200 Bonus cover story

It’s all possible. If you would like to get promotion for your business, we make it easy. We would love to share your story with our readers. Once you are signed up as an advertiser we can discuss your cover story and any requirements. This is a special bonus for advertisers. We want you to succeed.

Get started now – become a founding member! Learn more here!