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Guess Our Next Mystery Guest

Listen now and see if you can discover who is our mystery guest.

“Broadcast Your Brilliance”

Below is part of the transcript of the conversation between the editor, Joseph Sgro and our mystery guest. Get the full transcript in the next issue of Paid To Think Business Magazine.

“Well it was 1993, in that range, either ’92 or ’93, I don’t recall, but it was many years ago and I was sitting in the green room of a TV home shopping network called QVC in America. They were two big home shopping networks back then. One was called HSN, which stands for Home Shopping Network and the other one was QVC, which is where I was. During that section I had, I was representing on the stage, selling a video, which was a VHS at the time; I’m dating myself. It was old, but at that time VHS is what we had. We didn’t have DVD and we didn’t have YouTube or any online video.

This particular VHS was about comedy, video classics of songs that my talent, Ray Stevens, who was on stage; he’s a country singer in the United States and was selling extremely well on television, but not on a Home Shopping Network. So when we went on the home shopping network, my theory was that it would work even better, because if it was working on individual television stations, it probably would work better at a destination station, where people actually go and have a relationship with the host and they’re selling things. Kind of like going into a mall to your favorite store.

Well everyone else was watching Ray present his comedy classic, and I was not interested in watching Ray. I was interested in watching what Ray was saying and the sales that were coming in as a result on the closed circuit TV, which was monitoring sales after he said something. Now sometimes he would say something and the sales would go up. Other times he would say something and the sales would flat line. They wouldn’t move. Then he would say something else and the sales would go up. Over the ten minute period where he was on stage, I decided to burn a time code into the VHS and go back and play it and note when the sales had gone up and go back about 30 -45 seconds and see what he had said in order for those sales to go up.

Not being attached to the words and not being attached to the sentences that he was saying, just being attached to what worked and what didn’t. What I learned that day was profound, because if I went in thinking I knew everything, then nothing was sacred, but if I went in with a beginner’s mind which was an ancient proverb in parts of the far east, then I would know that everything was sacred, and I did. I was not cursed by the knowledge I had and we rewrote and re-shot the video for the television spot that was on. There were one and two minute spots in those days. Based on the information we got from QVC we did even better on television selling that video because of the execution and marketing intelligence we drew from getting Immediate response.

Now what that taught me is if you have a relationship, an editorial relationship with an audience, it’s much stronger than if you have a sales relationship. So the one and two minute spot was powerful; we sold over a million videos, but we sold over 25,000 in 10 minutes on home shopping, on QVC, which was a home shopping type of scenario because there was a relationship there. So that was like having a show much like having a TV show like Oprah and Larry King and Barbara Walters have had over the years. If you fast forward to 2016 where we are today, because of all the live streaming technology with Google+ and Google Hangouts with Periscope and Twitter and Meerkat, which may, or may not be familiar to anyone listening right now. Because of all these live streaming new technologies it is less expensive than ever to get the word out in an editorial basis.

Push Button Influence doesn’t mean push button sales, or push button income; it means you can push a few buttons and get influence, by using the record button, the broadcast button, the share button, the post button, the tweet button, the like button on Facebook and it goes on and on. The subscribe button, the rate button, the review button on iTunes.”

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Push Button Media Leverage

Push Button Media Leverage

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Everyone IS a Marketer

Do you believe everyone is a marketer? You better!

Have you applied for a job lately? This is likely to be everyone’s first marketing experience, but not likely to be the last.

From now on marketing is going to become serious business. The reason is simple: “competition” and our changing world, which is handicapped by debt, deflation and demographic change, among other things.

There are good and bad points about competition. Paid To Think Business Magazine is always open to JV’s with competitors, as it makes sense to pool resources and find ways to distribute our message and promote products and services.

The future is an uncertain place and the sand is always shifting, but one thing you can count on is that if you have a job someone is planning on finding a cheaper way to replace you, if they can. Thus you won’t see any significant improvement in employment numbers and in fact we should feel a little threatened.

None of this is mean to scare you. The intention of the magazine is to inform you and get you to think and do your own investigation. It’s important that we all use or develop our own risk management because the moment you get complacent you will lose.


We always talk about creating assets and the most important of all your assets is YOU. Your education is the only thing that no one can take away from you. Hear Dan Kennedy talk about this very topic.


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Paid To Think Business Magazine

Paid To Think Business Magazine


The Coming Stock Crash is NOT the Big Story!

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Paid To Think Business MagazineThis issue deals with a far more problematic situation – the possible meltdown in trust and our society. If you examine what all business is based on and also what all personal relationships rest on, it’s simply one powerful concept and a small word: TRUST.

When people stop trusting each other relationships break down and there is less tolerance, more selfishness and self-interest; this can quickly change society and our day to day expectations. When people no longer trust that government has the answers or can protect them, we have anarchy.

When banks cannot trust each other we’ll have a break down in world trade and banks will lend less, credit will stop and banks will become insolvent, taking your money with them and essential services can be disrupted. The last global financial crisis was created by the banks and many banks suffered closure due to their day of reckoning, but unfortunately not enough lessons were learnt by the banking sector and when we have the next meltdown we will have more bank failures.

Solution: it may not be a perfect solution or easy, but have more than one account with different banks.

Robert Kiyosaki: Biggest Stock Market Crash in History Coming in 2016

So far in our editions we have focused on building your own list, creating your products and services and serving your subscribers and customers. It’s still a good plan for the right climate, but it’s important that you are prepared for what may change everything you have experienced till now.

Recognizing when to change direction and how to minimize risk will be very important considerations for you, the CEO of your enterprise. Will we have a catastrophe or many? It’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The Worst Terror Attack of ALL

What happens when the lights go out and stay out for an extended period? What if it was the last time you were able to use the internet? Terrorism is something we have become familiar with and there is nothing to say that the same forces for change, good or bad, will not try to bring down a currency, a country, or it’s power grid.

We are now looking at a much greater problem than just a stock market collapse – we are looking at a snowball of events which will change the face of society and force each of us to choose how we will survive the future.

Prepare now for the best and the worst.

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