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Here is one of the tutorials you will access when you download the next issue of Paid To Think Business Magazine. Anik Singal takes you through the 7 steps to creating your digital business and you can watch that training right now by downloading issue 44 and open page 58.


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Lies, Damn Lies and The Economy

Paid To Think Business Magazine

Debt is Not the Answer
How much risk do you want people to take to create growth? Interest rates were so low for years and now they’re moving UP! While low returns have taken people full speed into the stock market creating an unsustainable stock bubble and driven investor companies into real estate to provide rental accommodation.

Who Is Telling the Truth?
The return of real estate is looking shaky, with very few real new home buyers. So what is the current mortgage debt? Answer: $12.95 trillion of debt! The debt ceiling looms once more and the activity in the job’s market is concentrated in part-time jobs and those aged 55 to 64 have been the main takers.

Demographics and debt are challenging the modern world and it looks like the WEST is not in control. The latest issue shows you how to access an interview between Harry S. Dent and Michael Covel on Trend Following, that blows the lid off and exposes the fantasies.

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From the Editor
Paid To Think Business Magazine
Joseph Sgro

The Editor

Some Interesting Numbers!

Whether you are running a household or you are running a business, numbers are important.

Did you know that there are $1 trillion of student loans in the U.S.A?

Did you know that 26% of student loans are in trouble?

Did you know that $315 billion of student loans are held by people in school?

In reference to other loans did you know that 22% are falling behind?

Did you know that job creation currently stands at 150,000 jobs per month?

Did you know that most of the jobs are part-time and being filled by workers aged 55 to 64.

If you thought this was building up to something – you’re right! If you don’t understand the significance of what I’ve stated then let me fill you in.

The economy is wishy-washy and not growing in a meaningful way, that would give much hope to it’s citizens, who must pay the bills and need a job to do so.

Further to this: people are choosy about the way they spend their money and one big reason is that the nation’s big spenders must save for retirement and less people are taking out loans to buy bigger ticket items. This means there is a slowdown and that means cost cutting – not spending.

Yes people want to buy education and it’s positive, but will those courses lead to paying jobs??? Given the current scenario, when these kids leave school they will be unemployed for a long time and part of the reason is slack demand in the economy.

One thing is certain: these kids won’t become the next big spenders – they’ll be bankrupt.

Do you remember how Detroit went bankrupt? There are many signs that the issues are not solved and debt is a killer – even if you are a BIG CITY.

As for entitlements? Do you really think when it’s time that there is going to be someone who can pay?


Responsibility! In the end the citizens will end up paying for the sins of the fathers. You are going to have to look after your interests – you will need to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

Examine your portfolio and with your CEO cap on, ask yourself, what is your latest investment decision that has the potential to improve your ROI and build your wealth. If your answer is that you don’t have a clue, then I would suggest you run the numbers on TWO opportunities right now:

Opportunity 1. Start a Business That You Can Sell

“Start your own business”

There will always be a market for a business that is making money. You might be able to ask 8-12 times the earnings and create a windfall profit for yourself. Yes – it will require some work.

Choose a cheap, low cost and easy to sell product – a digital product!

Opportunity 2. Train Yourself Now and Build Income Streams

I have never stopped updating my skills. I have spent many thousands of dollars adding value to ME. As CEO I need to upgrade my skills and keep learning. All those bits of paper I have stored in the vault have added to who I am and aren’t wasted, but now is not the time to throw thousands in the wind, for degrees that are questionable going forward.

Be targeted and strategic. Does it help you earn money now? Would you like to learn how to earn residual income? That means – the money comes in every month. Would you consider that training like that would be worth $27 and would help you pay the bills? I’m not talking about being in debt the rest of your life.

Register for WebCamp.

So now there are two things you can do today that have the potential to bring in the money. Get that return on investment. Make sure these 2 opportunities get consideration as part of your portfolio.


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