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Why is demand falling? We are fighting Deflation, Debt and Demographics.

Paid To Think Business Magazine

Paid To Think Business Magazine

We may be seeing the start of a wild ride in financial markets and the big clue is that bank stock prices are falling. BREXIT could be the trigger to more turmoil, not only for Britain and Europe but for you.

We hope for the best… but prepare for the worst.

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The editor, Joseph Sgro

Change is the New Norm

One thing is certain: the unemployment numbers don’t tell the full story. Do they tell you that there are some who cannot get a full-time job? Do they tell you that the participation rate has fallen? You see – the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Why is this relevant to you? It’s relevant because the demand/supply scenario is changing and the job situation will change accordingly. Is it a bad thing? If you have a comfortable job and less sales affect your job, then it’s not good.

To complicate things we have ever-increasing technological change. Some of those very smart innovations will make certain jobs disappear and the effects will cause lots of stress. Low paid jobs will be the first to decrease as machines take over. Think of the ATM and what that has meant for banks.

You can easily imagine people working behind the scenes on how to cut costs by replacing people with machines. Automation has changed the way the world works and it’s unlikely to stop. Also it’s so much easier to think “global” than ever before and to also act global; we are part of a global marketplace. Now it’s possible and easy for anyone to sell certain goods and services into this marketplace. It’s also apparent that when hiring, the cost-cutters will look for labour elsewhere if it’s cheaper.

There is no nest egg sufficient for the uncertainty of all this change and the possibilities of living longer. Those thinking of retiring may want to think again, as the contraction in demand will affect everything, including the pricing of stocks and property. Have you noticed the effects of low interest rates on income? These rates have not been very helpful for self-funded retirees, nor the average person.

How to Respond to the New Norm

It’s not easy to swim against the tide so we must swim with it. Our job is to adapt if we can, to changing times and to keep educating ourselves. Our knowledge, skills and problem solving abilities need to grow and we need to continue our education. One thing about humans that makes us unique is that we can “think” and solve problems. The better you are able to employ your thinking skills, the better off you’ll be in life. If you were creative once, but don’t feel you are now, then it’s time to awaken your creative spirit and look for problems you can solve; they may reveal your own personal goldmine.

Next, we get to work by employing our creativeness, our current knowledge and our skills in ways that will earn us income. Offering a service is a great way to start and one inspiring young man is showing the way in the latest issue of Paid To Think Business Magazine.

Meet Michael; he’s 15 and full of enthusiasm. It’s hard not to love the energy of young people and we can learn a lot from just watching them and then employing some of that vigor and positiveness in everything we do.

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