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Are you ready and prepared for a downturn?

Why is demand falling? We are fighting Deflation, Debt and Demographics.

Paid To Think Business Magazine

Paid To Think Business Magazine

We may be seeing the start of a wild ride in financial markets and the big clue is that bank stock prices are falling. BREXIT could be the trigger to more turmoil, not only for Britain and Europe but for you.

We hope for the best… but prepare for the worst.

Check out our new issue and we hope to show you how to turn lemons into lemonade.



Introducing Forex Master, Russ Horn

Russ HornIt’s likely that he makes more money than you do in an hour or two and now he wants to show you how he does it! Click here!

The hardest thing about running a successful forex trading business from home is removing ALL the errors and bad thinking from your trading. If you have never traded, you have an advantage, because while trading you develop ideas and habits that will let you down and help you to lose money.

This month we devote our issue to understanding trading better and becoming more reflective of our own trading behaviour. If you don’t work to remove your errors then you will wipe your account.

For this reason we introduce you to Russ Horn, a master trader and mentor, who has been involved in training traders for the passed 14 years and has taught 8000 people to trade. Russ Horn can take a small amount of money, like a $1000 and turn it into $50 000.

Is this a good skill to have?


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“How To Easily Make $1,944.00 In
One Hour Before Breakfast”

* Some traders – the good ones, do this regularly. So to be average does not cut it in this market. These special traders don’t only have a system, they also understand how to read the market.*

Imagine how good it would feel to make all the money you needed (and more) each day before breakfast and have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.

Vladimir Ribakov does this almost daily. He just did it again day before yesterday. He sat down for an hour and made another $1,944.00 before breakfast.


You could easily be doing the same if you just let him show you how he does it, which he will do, right here.

“He made another $1.440.00 in 30 minutes”

If you look at all these live trades you will see that Vlad does this almost every day, every day he feels like trading.

“He doesn’t work all that hard at it and still makes a fortune”

Vlad shows you how easy making a very good living trading can really be. It’s not without risk or capital – it’s a real business.

Here’s why most traders struggle to ever make any money and how this solves that problem.

Unfortunately, most traders learn to trade by searching out information on the Internet. I have chosen NOT to do that. My mentor is Toshko Raychev and I am a serious student. This does not mean I am winning every trade. What I am doing is investing in ME. I will be a master one day and before then I will generate a return on my money.

They spend time in forums taking advice from other struggling traders who do not know how to trade properly and aren’t making any money themselves.

They buy systems made by rookie traders who just got lucky with something a few times, had some good trades to show for it, and decided to sell it. Or even worse- they take advice from scammers who have never traded a day in their life – and are far better with Photoshop than at reading a chart.

“See what a true professional grade trading system looks like”

Vladimir Ribakov got fed up with all the lies – and with hard-working people getting scammed.

He has been where we all are, or have been. Frustrated, losing money and not knowing who to trust or where to look for help.

He made the best system and Forex education about how to actually make good, consistent, money trading available to you today so that you can see your profits soar fast and start enjoying life.

99% of the systems you will find online have little chance of ever making you any real money. That’s just the truth of the matter.

Maybe you have tried some of these, only to be disappointed?

What’s worse than the money you waste buying these systems is… that many people use these inferior, and often bogus, systems and lose all their savings in the process.

That’s not how professional hedge fund traders trade. Not even close.

“This is how the pros who make the big money trade”

– If you are a complete beginner, this is the best thing that ever could have happened to you. That’s because you will learn how to trade in a way that makes you good money right from the start. You won’t learn any bad habits and you will have everything you need to go from zero to wealthy – fast.

– If you are an intermediate trader who has been dabbling with this system and that; well, you may have to unlearn some of the garbage you have been taught by what Vlad calls the “Forex phonies”. But you’ll take right to this. Vlad has laid everything out in a logical and easy-to-understand manner.

– If you are a highly experienced trader, you will think you found the Holy Grail of trading. I can assure you it does not really exist, but the Forex Gemini Code is as close as you are ever going to find.

Vlad has spent the past 11 years in brokerages, Hedge Funds and trading at a pro level, learning the inside secrets that the big players use to make all the money… and he will share every single secret he has learned right here.

You can keep doing what you have been doing, or you can spend a few minutes to see how real money is made in Forex.

“What Vlad wants to teach you has made him $96,049.00 personally in just the past 5 months alone.”

It’s the understanding of How to Read the Market…and a system that keeps you focused and disciplined!

Unless your account looks similar to what you see here, you may want to have a close look at how he is trading. It’s not just the system. Even though it is the best one I have ever laid my eyes on, it’s what you can learn from Vlad that could really make you rich – not the system. Systems are the tools to keep you on track and help you to develop discipline.

If the system was everything then any trader could use the same system and win every time; this my friends is not so, as people lose money even though they have the system. Thousands can use the same system and get different results.

The system itself is so simple that even a beginner can be up and trading successfully in no time.

“Just 3 easy steps to collect cash from the market”

– Look at #1 on the chart. Numbers should be 3 or above.
– Look at #2 on the chart. An arrow should appear.
– Look at #3 on the chart. Three time frames should be the same color.


“You can watch Vlad make a fortune”

If you want to start making a lot more money, and do it in far less time than you are currently trading, than have a look at the one thing that can make that happen. Do it now though, these are selling very fast, and only 850 will ever be made available.


If you act right now and join the Forex Gemini Code, Vlad has a bonus for you that could just about ensure your success and your future as a wealthy full-time trader.

You will get a one year Platinum membership to Vladimir’s Market Forecast FREE! Hundreds of people have paid $588.00 per year for this.

Details are right here!


Information, charts or examples contained in this email is for illustration and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as advice or an endorsement to purchase or sell any security or financial instrument. We do not and cannot give any kind of financial advice. No employee or persons associated with us is registered or authorized to give financial advice. We do not trade on anyone’s behalf, and we do not recommend or receive any payments from any broker. On certain occasions, we have a material link to the product or service mentioned in the email. This may be in the form of compensation or remuneration.


We are giving you two masters to choose from: one makes $10M from home and the other has managed hedge funds and trades forex.

 Collect your copy of the “Dynamic Triple Edge” indicator and more!

Collect your copy of the “Dynamic Triple Edge” indicator and more!

Vladimir Ribakov has managed hedge funds, worked at brokerages and made himself and a lot of other people money, trading over the years.Very soon you will see the interview and he will share a few of his tips about trading.

We are very excited about forex trading and it as an amazing business people can start from home. Issue 37 expands on what trading is about and some pointers that will help you manage your risks as well as promote your trading success.

Want to learn how to trade forex?

Want to learn how to trade forex?

Internet Marketing whiz Anik Singal Internet Marketing whiz Anik Singal

Anik Singal just released his first book and when you become a subscriber you will get your copy for FREE! It’s all about, How To Turn Your Passion Into 1 Million.

He states:

I’m so excited to see that this book is really helping people. The response has been huge!”

Anik Singal

It’s had a good reception too:

  • In 15 hours, it has become a #1 Amazon Best Seller!
  • In 24 hours, it has been downloaded 50,000+ times.

Anik says:

“I bet there are MILLIONS around the world who share your passion. I want to show you something that will give you step by step instructions on how to turn your passion into millions in your pocket.

This way…

1. Take your passion
2. Follow this simple system
3. Generate millions”

Now you can watch the video he has just released. Just go and download issue 36.

 You’ll find both of these masters in Paid To Think Business Magazine. Download your magazine and follow the training.

Make sure to download the issue and join Anik's training.

Make sure to download the issue and join Anik’s training.


Will oil be the only market that deflates? Who would have guessed that oil would slump so much? Want to find out who guessed it would happen?

The Art of Trading

The Art of Trading: The issue that shows you how to make money from home – regardless of the economy!

When you open issue 35 of Paid To Think Business Magazine you will also get your link to the market updates and predictions.

The Next LIVE Event

Have you created your plan for 2015? Starting January 16 you will be able to watch LIVE, as Armand Morin leads you to discover how to make your year one of your best so far.

“What Determines Your Success? It’s Not What You Think…”

Many people think, knowledge, hard work, determination, luck etc. determines success…that’s not true! Yes they can play a part in success but the real “determiner” is your Mindset.

Without the proper Mindset all the knowledge, hard work, determination and luck will not secure your success. WebCamp is a FREE, 3-day event streamed directly to YOU in the comfort of your home!

Each webCamp is an “Intensive” training that focuses on important elements that are crucial to your success…this one will focus on the Mindset you need to achieve AND retain Your success.

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Selling a Product or Service?

Anyone who has tried to create a home business knows that they will need to dedicate not only money, but time, to realize their dream. It starts with having a product or service which is in demand.

Next comes attracting the right prospects who might want what you are selling. Getting noticed is critical and your marketing will either make you or break you. You can advertise to increase your chances of getting noticed, but this also requires skill and knowledge. It is the ultimate way to get all the traffic you want, but it will cost you and depending on where you advertise, you may find that social networks have the curse of being more interested in being social, than looking at what you are selling.

Let’s say you do have something the market wants, next comes the “trust” of the marketplace. If no one trusts your business, they won’t enter into any transactions with you. For this reason we give away free stuff. Content marketing needs to form a good portion of your work to get noticed.

Once you start creating your marketing you need to work on your selling skills. It’s a critical money-making skill that you must learn and do well. If you don’t you can be sure that your competition will out-sell you.

Have you Considered Trading?

This is not for everyone, but it might suit you and your ambitions to create a living from home. No customers, no products needed, no traffic required – just capital and trading skills.

In our latest edition we shine the spotlight on forex trading as well as present you with some information and training to add to your skills and develop some new business skills.

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