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Keep the Job You Hate and Become Rich!

Keep the Job You Hate and Become Rich!

Keep the Job You Hate and Become Rich!

Have you read, “Keep the Job You Hate and Become Rich!”? If not, it’s available on Amazon and recently the book has become the focus of a live case study.

What is Possible Today?

Want to know? Well the short answer is that you won’t know what is possible until you test your ideas. Don’t be afraid to try things out and if you want a way to follow the live case study, which takes ONE book and turns it into a real business – good news for you!

"How I Sold 100 000 Copies and Started a Million Dollar Business"

“How I Sold 100 000 Copies and Started a Million Dollar Business”

You can download your case study for iPads from “Paid To Think Business Magazine”. Our iPhone edition will be available soon!


We have been busy – you too? It seems that all this business stuff takes a lot of time. Are we doing it right? Did we get the order right? That’s part of what we are trying to find out in the LIVE Case Study.

Create Offer, Get Traffic, Get Subscribers, Get Sales

We researched the market and found out if there were other products in the marketplace like ours. We then created our offer. This was back in 2011 and the latest edition was published in 2014. What have we discovered so far????

Well, that is another reason for starting the live case study. You see we need to find out what is real. On the surface it looks like people on Amazon are selling and they are making money from either their fiction or non fiction works. This is important to us, because we want to be in a buyers market. The other thing we want to know is what is selling.

We are still researching the answer and this should make interesting reading when we present our findings in the LIVE Case Study: “How I Sold 100 000 Copies and Started a Million Dollar Business”. While involved in the day to day marketing of the book can get tedious, I’m sure everyone selling would rather be lying on the beach, you gain a sense of what this game is all about – mastering you emotions long enough to do the work of spreading the message and educating your audience.

The following is likely to be the best order when you want to start business:

* The hard way…Create Offer, Get Traffic, Get Subscribers, Get Sales
* The easier way…Get Subscribers, Create Offer, Get Sales, Get Traffic, Get Sales

Join us and learn all the answers and then try it yourself!

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Love this magazine. ★★★★★
by Steviem101 – Version 4.5.1 – Feb 1, 2014

Very informative read. Makes you think seriously about future financial planning. We’ll worth subscribing.

Great magazine ★★★★★
by RayBarcelona – Version 3.0.2 – Mar 30, 2013

Interesting articles for the small business owner or entrepreneur.

Good read! ★★★★★
by LovesVeg – Version 4.5.1 – Nov 23, 2013

This magazine offers a lot of great tips on creating an promoting your business and is very interactive too!

Great read, and honest 5 stars ★★★★★
by matron5 – Version 4.5.1 – Nov 11, 2013

Informative articles and tutorials for the business owners and entrepreneurs. The research presented about important topics helps me make informed choices. The content is rich and not just surface level information. Looking forward to the next issue.

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