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Introducing Forex Master, Russ Horn

Russ HornIt’s likely that he makes more money than you do in an hour or two and now he wants to show you how he does it! Click here!

The hardest thing about running a successful forex trading business from home is removing ALL the errors and bad thinking from your trading. If you have never traded, you have an advantage, because while trading you develop ideas and habits that will let you down and help you to lose money.

This month we devote our issue to understanding trading better and becoming more reflective of our own trading behaviour. If you don’t work to remove your errors then you will wipe your account.

For this reason we introduce you to Russ Horn, a master trader and mentor, who has been involved in training traders for the passed 14 years and has taught 8000 people to trade. Russ Horn can take a small amount of money, like a $1000 and turn it into $50 000.

Is this a good skill to have?


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