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One of the biggest economic tsunami’s is about to strike and ordinary people will be the casualties. Meet Harry S Dent and learn more about why 2014 and what you can do to save yourself!

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7 Nov 2014
News Flash! Download your gift from Anthony Robbins.

12 Nov 2014
Update: Watch the Millionaire Road Map video and the 3 part documentary with professional, forex trader, Russ Horn.

18 Nov 2014
Forex trading master, Russ Horn, gives you a trading system and tells all. Details p.20.

24 Nov 2014
Listen to Russ Horn talk about trading foreign exchange as a living and his system. See page 20.

25 Nov 2014
Q&A forex trading with Russ Horn. His system has 70-80% accuracy. See p.20.

26 Nov 2014
What’s Up! Listen in to latest audio – economic trends with Harry S. Dent, economist and best-selling author, joins radio host.

30 Nov 2014
Crash Coming! Debt, Deflation & Demographics:Time to get your house in order and prepare. Great time to cash up. US dollar will grow in value!!!

5 Dec 2014
Home Trader: Forex Trading and the trading system Q&A.

7 Dec 2014
Harry S. Dent LIVE in Australia. Trouble brewing: China will cause some major pain ..find out more!

10 Dec 2014
Updates! How to Make Thousands Per Month with Apps – register for the webinar p.16 and Watch 7 Trades to Make Before the Crash. p.18

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We believe there are always opportunities and the next decade no matter how challenging will yield new opportunities. If you are trading financial markets you know that it’s not a straight run UP. Along the way there are many reversals.

This NEWS FLASH is to remind you to look forward , but to also be aware – we’ve been here before! Harry Dent is predicting the next tsunami will swamp us in 2014. Do you remember that the sub-prime mortgage issue induced the last financial meltdown? This next one will be bigger! If you don’t know anything about Harry S Dent then you’ll be able to subscribe to his newsletter and learn why 2014. His new book comes out in January 2014 and is called, “The Demographic Cliff”.

Moving forward…although we see problems, don’t think that there are no opportunities. Dig into the latest tutorials. Even during the 1929 depression there were buyers and sellers.


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Our latest issue explores how to create residual income.

Our latest issue explores how to create residual income.

Latest Issue Features….”How to Make Residual Income”

In this issue we explore how to start your own business and how to make residual income. You are invited to attend a 3 Day LIVE Event where you will learn everything about how to do the work once and get paid again and again.

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Lies, Damn Lies and The Economy

Paid To Think Business Magazine

Debt is Not the Answer
How much risk do you want people to take to create growth? Interest rates were so low for years and now they’re moving UP! While low returns have taken people full speed into the stock market creating an unsustainable stock bubble and driven investor companies into real estate to provide rental accommodation.

Who Is Telling the Truth?
The return of real estate is looking shaky, with very few real new home buyers. So what is the current mortgage debt? Answer: $12.95 trillion of debt! The debt ceiling looms once more and the activity in the job’s market is concentrated in part-time jobs and those aged 55 to 64 have been the main takers.

Demographics and debt are challenging the modern world and it looks like the WEST is not in control. The latest issue shows you how to access an interview between Harry S. Dent and Michael Covel on Trend Following, that blows the lid off and exposes the fantasies.

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Using Leverage in Your Home Business

In this issue we focus on the use of leverage. The LIVE training for June shows you how to put your online business on autopilot by using webinars. It is time to register if you want the bonus videos.

If you are interested in selling physical products then we have you covered. Ezra shows you his method. Go now and download the latest issue!

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Today more than ever you have access to as much leverage as you want!

Today more than ever you have access to as much leverage as you want!