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Breaking News!!

Let me ask you a question: do you think you would benefit from joining a special interest group, focused on solving problems and then working out how to exploit them?

Welcome to Issue 47…where we talk more about the market and how to serve the people in that market.

Paid To Think Business Magazine

As a practical extension of this month’s issue, subscribers are invited to join the mastermind group free of charge. Details regarding this interest group are being worked out now and soon subscribers will be messaged so they know what to do to join.

It’s very important that when you subscribe you accept messages. That way you don’t miss anything which is designed to make your experience as a subscriber more valuable.

Topics For Mastermind

The mastermind will meet frequently to discuss the notion of “value”, problem solving and transactable value, as well as trends and niche marketing. This group can also be the launch pad for JV’s and new business.

Go here now, download issue 47 and study what you can do to find your market and improve your marketing results

From the editor, Joseph Sgro.
We have great news!!! Not only do we have a new issue on connecting with your market, we are starting a mastermind group. If you are a subscriber you will be able to apply to join the group. More details on the way. Firstly, download the latest issue and stay tuned for more details.

Want to Be Part of the Mastermind Group?

It’s well-known that when people get together with other like-minded people, who have a similar mindset, they get great benefits from belonging to a group where they can solve problems together.

Mastermind groups allow members to see a situation or problem from different points of view, as members bring a wide range of experiences and knowledge, which can then be applied to a topic.

YOU ARE THE ASSET…want to learn more?

Want to generate solutions, listen to other people’s ideas and develop your own business by finding your hidden assets???

How to APPLY For the Mastermind

This is how to apply for the mastermind: go to the link below and download issue 47 of “Paid To Think Business Magazine”.

Make sure you elect to receive messages and you will be contacted about joining the mastermind group.

Paid To Think Business MagazineClick here to download your magazine and learn more about the mastermind and how to communicate with your target market.

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