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Everyone IS a Marketer

Do you believe everyone is a marketer? You better!

Have you applied for a job lately? This is likely to be everyone’s first marketing experience, but not likely to be the last.

From now on marketing is going to become serious business. The reason is simple: “competition” and our changing world, which is handicapped by debt, deflation and demographic change, among other things.

There are good and bad points about competition. Paid To Think Business Magazine is always open to JV’s with competitors, as it makes sense to pool resources and find ways to distribute our message and promote products and services.

The future is an uncertain place and the sand is always shifting, but one thing you can count on is that if you have a job someone is planning on finding a cheaper way to replace you, if they can. Thus you won’t see any significant improvement in employment numbers and in fact we should feel a little threatened.

None of this is mean to scare you. The intention of the magazine is to inform you and get you to think and do your own investigation. It’s important that we all use or develop our own risk management because the moment you get complacent you will lose.


We always talk about creating assets and the most important of all your assets is YOU. Your education is the only thing that no one can take away from you. Hear Dan Kennedy talk about this very topic.


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Paid To Think Business Magazine


Time to Spin Your Web

Paid To Think Business Magazine

There is no doubt that to beat the competition you have to be better, but there’s more!!! You will need to offer good value to grab the attention of your audience…yes, AUDIENCE!

This is the BIG difference between struggling and succeeding in producing your home business. You must be relevant and stay relevant. As the economy dives you will need to work to build and maintain your audience … START NOW!

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Lies, Damn Lies and The Economy

Paid To Think Business Magazine

Debt is Not the Answer
How much risk do you want people to take to create growth? Interest rates were so low for years and now they’re moving UP! While low returns have taken people full speed into the stock market creating an unsustainable stock bubble and driven investor companies into real estate to provide rental accommodation.

Who Is Telling the Truth?
The return of real estate is looking shaky, with very few real new home buyers. So what is the current mortgage debt? Answer: $12.95 trillion of debt! The debt ceiling looms once more and the activity in the job’s market is concentrated in part-time jobs and those aged 55 to 64 have been the main takers.

Demographics and debt are challenging the modern world and it looks like the WEST is not in control. The latest issue shows you how to access an interview between Harry S. Dent and Michael Covel on Trend Following, that blows the lid off and exposes the fantasies.

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Mind Your Own Business

It is time to put together a plan for the future. If you lost your job or became too ill to work, what would you do? The current economic climate is not changing any time soon – in fact it will get worse. Now is the time to protect and grow your portfolio.

R.O.I Give Yourself a Pay Rise – You Deserve It!

Did you know that there are ways to improve your R.O.I.? You can improve your return on investment by making changes to your offer, but one of the biggest ways to help you get more profitable is to build your subscriber list.

Where is My Herd? Your Business Needs Subscribers

are probably asking yourself whether you can start a
business of your own. I’m here to tell you that you can

Keep The Job You Hate and Become Rich

If you aren’t using your spare time to create a new income stream then you are definitely missing out. Never before has it been so easy to start a new business from home and in this financial climate where jobs are at risk, it’s essential. Do it now and increase your potential income flow.


“For Those Interested in Buying More Lifestyle”

Are you ready to create a new income stream?

It’s time to get some income insurance by starting your home business.

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As time moves on one thing is clear….it’s getting eerie. Why is that? Well if you are monitoring the reports I’m seeing and going over the economic news and the conflicting information you might start to feel it too. The fact is that we are being told that things are improving, but who really believes that? We are in limbo land. Not too hot and not too cold and not much happening that we know about.

No one new the market was going to tumble before the depression either.

It’s a perfect time for planing how to insure your wealth and future income. The job landscape will continue to change and wouldn’t it be an opportune time to create a new income source, just in case something unexpected happens? All we need is one new idea we wish to pursue that will create a return for our portfolio.