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1000 True Fans

You may wonder how people sell their products and services just by being open for business. Well the truth is they don’t, or they don’t without a lot of expense. If you have been pouring money into building your brand fine, you have a good chance people know you and can find you.

What about if you are starting your project and you want exposure, will you buy visitors or will you build your audience so that they sustain your growth and survival?

The answer is, build your audience. If you do your research you will learn about the idea of “1000 true fans”. Today the smart way to do business is to build your following – your fan base. You need to become the face of your business.

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1000 True Fans


The Presenter Business Model

Ever thought of making money by entertaining, speaking, or presenting information?

Want to see how it works LIVE???

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Available Now – the Presenter’s Model

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It’s very slick and it’s a must for you to use as one of your projects. My extension of this model will be provided for podcast subscribers. So you get the interview, my latest brainstorm on this model and also a surprise for podcast members.

Below is part of the interview I did recently with Alex Mandossian on this business model.

Alex Mandossian – influencer and new media expert.

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