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Create Your Own Show by taking the Push Button Influence Course and Bonus.


Buy the course from inside our magazine by using the link which you can access when you download our latest edition. Purchase using the link and complete the course to get $1000+ in marketing bonuses to help you grow, promote and get more exposure for your show, via “Paid To Think Business Magazine”. For all the details make sure to download the magazine.

More Exposure and Promotion - Paid To Think Business Magazine

More Exposure and Promotion – Paid To Think Business Magazine

Take advantage of the “Create Your Own Show” Training presented by Push Button Influence:

The Proven 3-Step Process

How To Get On Influencer’s Shows

How To Create Your Own Show

Your Bigger, Brighter & Bolder Future


ON NOW…Create Your Own Show

Alex and Steve of Push Button Influence show you how you can increase your exposure, influence and affect your bottom line by learning how to create your own show.

How to find your niche and build your influence..

How to get started with your show…

How to suck in the traffic..

How to set up your website with the free template…

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Missed Out on Push Button Influence Training?

The Proven 3-Step Process

How To Get On Influencer’s Shows

How To Create Your Own Show

Your Bigger, Brighter & Bolder Future



Push Button Influence Bonus

The magazine is giving away a $1000 BONUS plus 12 months of marketing help via PTTBM.

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More Exposure and Promotion For Your Brand

What is the most common problem for anyone trying to make money with an idea, product or service? If you said, “getting noticed”, you’d be right! Everyone is trying to get attention and it means your marketing has to get better.

Some of the offerings are pretty slick and with new media you are goi9ng to get the edge, if you choose to use it to your advantage. THAT’S why when Alex Mandossian’s new program appeared on the market we were very interested.

The Presenter Business Model – Broadcast Your Own Show

Push Button Influence is not for people who are too shy… or is it???


A Word from Alex the issue for the the full interview:

“Within 90 days you would have mass exposure. Within a year, you’ll be making more money faster, better and easier, because you’ll have sponsorship. These people will pay you whether or not you sell anything of theirs. You’ll also have more reach in being a key note speaker perhaps on a virtual or a physical stage, throughout the world in your niche, because you’ve been having a show for 52 weeks, week after week and you haven’t stopped. You’re consistent, you’re reliable and through that ongoing reach and exposure you’re out there and people are saying hey, there’s the go to gal or there’s the go to guy on this topic.

Within a year your life will absolutely change.”

“More Exposure and Promotion with New Media”
We review “Push Button Influence” a new program by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher.

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Push Button Influence Review – what is Push Button Influence?


This is an excerpt from a recent interview with our mystery guest – influencer and new media expert. When you subscribe you can get the full interview when the next Paid To Think Business Magazine issue is released.

“It’s a system of using editorial content and editorial presentation in order to attract marketing reach and get more exposure and visibility for your brand. So an editorial would be like a weekly podcast show on iTunes, or a weekly web TV show on Google Hangout, or maybe a weekly blog post on any of the blogging platforms. Now whether it’s the written word, which is blogging, spoken word which is audio, or visual word which is video, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s weekly; in some cases it’s daily and it’s done consistently without change.

The editorial method of distribution is the free part of content. Within that editorial show you become your own sponsor and you can have an offer to get people to opt in and subscribe as a result of listening to your show. It starts off by being your own sponsor because your paying for it. Eventually as you get more exposure and reach and visibility, you can start having sponsors pay you, because now they want to be part of that, to borrow your authority, borrow your exposure, marketing reach and visibility. There are two ways to do it and we recommend both.”

More Exposure and Promotion For Your Business Using New Media – full interview in Paid To Think Business Magazine.

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