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Do you have a business, or want a business and follow Paid To Think Business Magazine? You are in luck! We want to be of assistance to you and we intend to help you with getting more exposure and promotion for your business.

More Exposure and Promotion - Paid To Think Business Magazine

More Exposure and Promotion – Paid To Think Business Magazine

 Why Choose Push Button Influence?

The simplest reason for choosing the “Push Button Influence” course is that it will teach you how to create your own show, build your audience, create and grow your contact list and sell your products and services, in a way that appeals to people – your target market. It is probably the best way to build trust and rapport with your market, as well as get to know what your market wants to buy.

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In fact, we want to join you on your journey for 12 months! That means that for 12 months we will promote your business, promote what you do via the magazine and across the platform, as well as tell our readers how you can help others and how people can take advantage of your offers.

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We will start by customizing a magazine for you – that is a $1000 bonus right there! When we create a special magazine edition for you, your business will be our cover story and the magazine will have your content and offer. There will not be any advertising in there; it’s your magazine and branding, with our usual disclaimers.

Your custom edition will be updated with new events, new offers and new content for 12 months!!

If you download our latest magazine and purchase through our link and complete the “Push Button Influence” course and do not claim a refund, we will give you our special bonus.

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How do you eat an elephant?

Paid To Think Business MagazineAnswer: One bite at a time!


We have found two programs that lead you step by step to creating your own business, even if you know nothing.

Anik Singal gets paid 5 figures when people pay to consult with him, but you get in for free! During a LIVE Q&A, just recently, he answers everyone’s questions regarding online business. You can listen to the replay inside the latest issue of Paid To Think Business Magazine.

Included are 10 done for you, niche market businesses that you will get when you join. This is the first of the very tempting coaching offers we are bringing to your attention in this month’s issue.

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Looking For Shortcuts to a Successful Business? The next multi-millionaire marketer is giving you an offer you can’t refuse, for $1, you can make an immediate start!

The second coaching program, by Russell Brunsen, offers you and amazing $20 000 worth of tools and resources to help you get profitable quickly.

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Paid To Think Business Magazine

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Do you want to start an online business? If so, this edition may be the most important one so far…

You too can start a business from home.

Want to start your online business?

Want to learn how to get paid for posting to social media sites? This could be a way for YOU to start making extra money TODAY…

Did you know that big companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, Apple and many others spend billions of dollars each year on market research? And that the majority of that money ends up in the pockets of people just like you?

Whenever companies launch new products or services they conduct paid market research with regular consumers to test out how they will be received. Traditionally this research has been conducted in closed local groups near to the companies headquarters, so it was very hard to become a part of them.

However companies have realized that it is much more cost effective to conduct these paid research groups online, which has opened up the doors to thousands of people just like you.

If you are a consumer of products and services then you can now get paid to voice your opinion through simple online panels.

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It’s very easy and there are thousands of research panels happening right now that are looking for participants from all over the world.

This is just ONE of the interesting opportunities we show you in this latest issue..a must read for anyone that likes extra money or ways to grow their income.

NEW Training and The $10 Million Online Business

Discover How an Almost Bankrupt Marketer Climbed Back To $10 Million In Just 1 Year!

and…learn Why EMAIL MARKETING Is Still Your Safest Bet!

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Paid To Think Business Magazine.

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