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Why Create a Survival Guide?

Our survival guide is a made up of information you can put to use now and in the future to meet the coming crisis. If you do not believe the world can change in an instant, you have not lived long enough…

We can’t possibly guess how bad things will get or when things will happen; we can however look at the past and see what it reveals about the future.

In 1929, before the crash, people were living it up and playing the stock market. Life was good! In fact it was one long party for some. It wasn’t long before panic set in and people were ending their own life.

Not long ago, the news was not filled with images of a mass exodus from Syria and migration to European countries. The stage is now set for further trouble and a growth in terrorism. No one pays any attention to history – we’ve done this before: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. What was the result? Those people who got bombed now have someone to hate.

If you are old enough, you can remember a time when there was no internet, and a time when most people used “dial up”, to get connected, once it became available. Now we have amazing speeds and the whole world communicates on a daily basis using this amazing tool.

We are now MORE dependent than ever and this is a worrying situation. We depend on supermarkets for our food, the media for our news and on electricity for virtually every function you can imagine. If one thing goes wrong, the world as we know it will hurdle out of control and their will be anarchy. Consider a disruption to essential services, or NO INTERNET. No one wants to consider that their livelihood, or life could be threatened by an act that is beyond their control, but it could happen.

This guide will not prevent the worst from happening. We are pooling ideas you can use to become a little more secure. As long as you can download your magazine, we will attempt to give you timely information, but how you react to the worst possible scenario, if it unfolds, is beyond anyone’s control. You will be responsible for dealing with the coming crisis.

Get Cashed Up

We are including tutorials and ideas to increase your cash. The main way we increase our cash is to trade. We trade something which is valuable in return for cash. If the worst happens there may not be a way to do this online, so our online business may not be viable. If we can stay connected then these ideas will help you to grow your business during the economic upheaval.

We also see the growth of barter as a way to make up for shortages. Growing your own food is smart and will become the ultimate insurance policy. You should be able to grow food in small spaces using smart planning. We will try to collect information to explain how to do this. Once you become a producer you can barter for your needs, using your produce. So we are definitely considering (LEGAL) offline business activities.

In the short term everyone needs to have cash, not just credit cards. If banks fail and it’s likely some will, you will not be able to buy stuff with credit cards.  Think back to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009. What happened to banks? You need your own solution to where to keep the cash. Later when things improve, you may be able to use your cash to buy cheap assets.

Home Security

Will their be rioting or looting, if the worst scenario happens and society breaks down? Think about what has happened during natural disasters. What happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

There may be a need to make sure you have extra supplies, besides your pantry and that they are safe, as well as making your home and neighborhood safe. Get to know people in your street now and see if it’s possible to start neighborhood watch.


We think the best investment will be to spend time improving your knowledge and skills and to expand your own capacity to think and plan. Educate yourself now. Your skills will be what saves you and your family. You should be training your children now to become resourceful and to contribute.

As assets are marked down and businesses go broke and unemployment increases no one will be thinking about investment, but there will come a time when good assets will be cheap and if it makes sense to you, consider whether they are worth buying. Many people have become VERY wealthy while the stock market has taken years to recover and stocks and business assets have taken a giant hit.

Download your guide and check back for updates as we go.


Extra Thought

Will cash disappear and is this a likely event? If cash should one day disappear from the economy, we will really be up the river without a paddle and more dependent than we are now. Who will have the final say? Political power in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing and a good reason for people to be more politically aware. Our ignorance is someone else’s power.