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The Coming Stock Crash is NOT the Big Story!

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Paid To Think Business MagazineThis issue deals with a far more problematic situation – the possible meltdown in trust and our society. If you examine what all business is based on and also what all personal relationships rest on, it’s simply one powerful concept and a small word: TRUST.

When people stop trusting each other relationships break down and there is less tolerance, more selfishness and self-interest; this can quickly change society and our day to day expectations. When people no longer trust that government has the answers or can protect them, we have anarchy.

When banks cannot trust each other we’ll have a break down in world trade and banks will lend less, credit will stop and banks will become insolvent, taking your money with them and essential services can be disrupted. The last global financial crisis was created by the banks and many banks suffered closure due to their day of reckoning, but unfortunately not enough lessons were learnt by the banking sector and when we have the next meltdown we will have more bank failures.

Solution: it may not be a perfect solution or easy, but have more than one account with different banks.

Robert Kiyosaki: Biggest Stock Market Crash in History Coming in 2016

So far in our editions we have focused on building your own list, creating your products and services and serving your subscribers and customers. It’s still a good plan for the right climate, but it’s important that you are prepared for what may change everything you have experienced till now.

Recognizing when to change direction and how to minimize risk will be very important considerations for you, the CEO of your enterprise. Will we have a catastrophe or many? It’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The Worst Terror Attack of ALL

What happens when the lights go out and stay out for an extended period? What if it was the last time you were able to use the internet? Terrorism is something we have become familiar with and there is nothing to say that the same forces for change, good or bad, will not try to bring down a currency, a country, or it’s power grid.

We are now looking at a much greater problem than just a stock market collapse – we are looking at a snowball of events which will change the face of society and force each of us to choose how we will survive the future.

Prepare now for the best and the worst.

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