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It’s Time to Plan Your Next Move

This is not supposed to be about doom and gloom – we have enough of that. This post is meant to get you moving toward your goal – it’s about starting a successful business, or moving the old one forward.

This is a great time for holiday preparation and I know that it’s on everyone’s mind, but it’s also the perfect time to begin planning your next move in business. We have been digging around to bring you some excellent value and because you are a loyal reader we always do our best to bring you more value and some direction in these critical times.

When times have been good we get lazy and now is the time to stop and look at our blessings and how we intend to maintain and extend our activities going forward.

“La Dolce Vita”

Where are you now and where do you want to be? Soon you will be on holidays and it’s now a good time to write your goals and brainstorm ideas for markets, products and services you can deliver to your market. If you don’t have a market then consider what skills you have and whether someone else would pay you to deliver a result.

GM Can’t Make Cars without Going Broke in Australia
One thing is for certain and that is, that there will be more belt tightening. Just recently, Holden has declared it will close down it’s car production in 2016. In the past government has given financial support to this industry to provide employment. Now those employees will have to find another job.

“Holden wants $150 million of taxpayers money to stay open.”

Times change! We can’t afford to keep doing this! Governments will run out of money or increase taxes to fund the welfare.

Manufacturing is one industry which needs to do a lot of brainstorming and give up this notion of asking for handouts. Welfare is great and necessary, but responsibility is also a very important ingredient in what we do.

Free Gift From Tony Robbins: Free Coaching Session

Free Gift From Tony Robbins: Free Coaching Session with a Tony Robbins’ coach.

As was mentioned earlier we look around to find great value and we would like to tell you about this gift. Not everyone who succeeds can claim they did it alone. Many have a coach. It’s smart and in the end it’s the best way to stay on task. Left to our own devices we slack off and lose our way. Our coach brings us back on task and leads us through the steps.

You now have your own coach if you want one. You get 30 minutes with someone you can talk to. See page 30 for details.

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