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Are you noticing it’s hard to get other people interested in your products and services? What about if you had a sales force that worked 24/7 all year round – even while you were sleeping and all they did was promote your business, would that help? It sure would!

In these times marketing is even more important than ever and if there are buyers looking for certain products or services you would prefer that they would find you – right? Well Armand Morin has just announced his BRAND NEW WebCamp!

What is WebCamp??? It’s the most revolutionary way to get the information you need to build your business and IT’S 100% LIVE!

This WebCamp is on Creating Your 24/7 Sales Force by using webinars. Learn all you can from the best and put it to work in your business.

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We believe that those people who had technical issues will get the videos of the presentation and these will be in your member area as soon as Saturday, some time before day 2 of WebCamp begins.

The Marketing Lesson
Already there is good feedback coming through from participants and it’s quite likely that this will become a feature of Armand Morin’s approach in getting valuable information to a world market. He has bravely taken on the TV station broadcasting approach to creating info products and selling to a worldwide audience. We hinted as much, in Paid To Think Business Magazine’s issue on, how to start your TV station.

Creating Your New Income
It all starts with the first step, but what is it? Well it’s simple and not one is talking about except at WebCamp! Time to register and we suggest you choose Option 2.

Go and sign up for Option 2:

Option #2: Streaming + Full 3 Day Recordings!
Streaming + Full Recordings: Not only will you be able to watch the full streaming event, but you’ll also have access to the digital recordings online where you’ll be able to stop, rewind and have lifetime access to the incredible information we’ll share. NOTE: After the event, the recordings will be $197 – YOU SAVE $100.00 TODAY!


It’s Time to Grow Your List

I presume you would like to have an online business, increase your income, or both! Paid To Think Business Magazine has been alerting readers of a live list building event taking place 12 April- 14 April. We think it will help a lot of beginning businesses and also well-established business owners to improve their R.O.I. and fast track their business start up.

Don’t Know How to Start an Online Business?

When you can increase your subscribers you can provide more targeted products and services to meet the wants of your list members and that’s when your business really takes off. It’s the process of discovering what your subscribers want and then serving up those solutions that produce a growing business. You are about to discover that building your list is the most important thing you can do to start a business and that your list is the most important asset you can create in your business.

Any online business without subscribers will struggle to find on-going income and will struggle to maintain revenue. Notice the likes of Apple and Amazon – they have massive databases. Will they use that database to continue to increase their profits?

Armand and the entire AMN team are eagerly awaiting the start of


LIVE streaming List Building Event Starts April 12th!

Webcamp: April 12-14, 2013 (Friday-Sunday)
Start Time: 10 am EDT (eastern US)
Approximate End Time: 6pm EDT (eastern US)
(this could vary depending on the topic Armand is on)
*Please make sure to verify the time for your time zone*

If you have not registered please go here now!