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More Exposure and Promotion - Paid To Think Business Magazine

More Exposure and Promotion – Paid To Think Business Magazine

Take advantage of the “Create Your Own Show” Training presented by Push Button Influence:

The Proven 3-Step Process

How To Get On Influencer’s Shows

How To Create Your Own Show

Your Bigger, Brighter & Bolder Future


ON NOW…Create Your Own Show

Alex and Steve of Push Button Influence show you how you can increase your exposure, influence and affect your bottom line by learning how to create your own show.

How to find your niche and build your influence..

How to get started with your show…

How to suck in the traffic..

How to set up your website with the free template…

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Missed Out on Push Button Influence Training?

The Proven 3-Step Process

How To Get On Influencer’s Shows

How To Create Your Own Show

Your Bigger, Brighter & Bolder Future



Push Button Influence Bonus

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More Exposure and Promotion - Paid To Think Business Magazine

More Exposure and Promotion – Paid To Think Business Magazine

 Why Choose Push Button Influence?

The simplest reason for choosing the “Push Button Influence” course is that it will teach you how to create your own show, build your audience, create and grow your contact list and sell your products and services, in a way that appeals to people – your target market. It is probably the best way to build trust and rapport with your market, as well as get to know what your market wants to buy.

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Armand Morin’s Learn University – Live in Los Angeles

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Which Personality Type Are You?

Are you like Bono, Adele, Will Smith or ???

If you want to climb to the top it helps to know yourself and what are your strengths and weaknesses.


Want to find out which of the 4 Influencer Types you are? If you’re in a hurry, click here to take the QUIZ >>

This Influence Quiz will take just a few minutes out of your day, but what your Report of Findings reveals may last you a lifetime of wild success and achievement!

2 Great Bonuses You Can Collect Now!

During the past 9 days, my friends, Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher have given you access to not 1, but 2 critical resources to elevate your influence and get mass exposure.

1) The 2016 Ultimate Directory of Influencers

Direct contact info for 241 of the world’s top Podcasters, Bloggers & Social Media stars complete with their photos, bios, social media counts and email addresses!

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2) The Authority Website Blueprint

The Done-For-You design and nearly identical website layout utilized by the world’s top Podcasters, Bloggers and Social Media stars to convert more first-time visitors into lifelong fans and customers!

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You’ll get immediate access to the Influence Quiz and both of the powerful resources (listed above) when you click on the link you see directly below. Take the Influence QUIZ + get the 2 other gifts >>

Why It’s Critical To Discover Your Influencer Type

You’ve heard of the GOLDEN RULE “Do unto others as YOU want done unto to you …” right? That ancient rule has been the staple of successful leaders, families, nations and civilizations for nearly 3,000 years!

But, now, in this technology-driven age that’s overwhelming with so many options, personalities and preferences … you may need more than the GOLDEN RULE to be successful.

That’s where the INFLUENCE QUIZ comes in! Alex & Steve decided to take the GOLDEN RULE to the next level so you can “Do unto others as ‘THEY’ want done unto THEM …” makes sense, right?

Take A Moment To Consider These 4 Questions

Are you a COMPETITIVE type like Mark Zuckerberg and Adele? Are you a SPONTANEOUS type like Katy Perry and Will Smith?

Are you a METHODICAL type like Colin Powell & Taylor Swift? Or, are you a HUMANISTIC type like Bono & Ellen Degeneres? (You can find out in less than 3 minutes!)

At this moment, you’re ONE CLICK away from identifying your Influencer Type and learning what works and what doesn’t when attempting to influence other Influencer Types.

Aren’t you curious to discover which of the 4 Influencer Types you are? Don’t you really want to find out what makes you “tick” and how others perceive you? If your answer is “YES” then you owe it to yourself to take the QUIZ now (see link below).

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Do You Listen to the Interview with Alex Mandossian?


Did You Miss the Podcast…? Start Your Own Show


Push Button Influence Bonus

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authority website blueprint

Authority Website Blueprint

What Top Influencers Use (Website Blueprint)

Today, I’m sharing with you the one critical BLUEPRINT you must take full advantage of in order to get the massive exposure you know you’ve always deserved.

In a hurry? Get access to this BLUEPRINT now >> 

Let’s be honest — Something terrible happens when your site fails to enroll your first-time visitors into “opt-ins.” You know what happens?  NOTHING! (lol) It’s not funny, though, because many too many authors, speakers, seminar trainers and entrepreneurial CEOs face this sort of predicament day after day after day.

Fortunately, there’s now a simple, elegant solution. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started online … or if you’re a seasoned veteran … today, your life could change.

I’m excited for you because my friends, Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher have developed an Authority Website Blueprint that takes the guesswork out of web design!

 Here’s ONE CLICK access to the BLUEPRINT >> 

Earlier this week, Alex & Steve handed you their 2016 Ultimate Directory of Influencers. Now they’re giving you direct access to the nearly identical Authority Website BLUEPRINT utilized by many of the world’s top Podcasters, Bloggers and Social Media stars.

What that means is that Alex & Steve have invested countless hours of research and development to identify the specific triggers, layout and design of what makes good websites great and consistently converts first-time visitors into opt-ins!

How is so much value possible for $0?

It’s possible because their AUTHORITY WEBSITE BLUEPRINT and video tutorial shows you what is proven to work and why it works. They are NOT publishing your website for you. (You, or your web master, can do that within hours).

Why Is Exposure, Reach & Visibility Not Enough?

Look, even if you get mass exposure from top Podcasters, Bloggers and Social Media stars, you still face the possibility of directing their audience towards a site that may not fully engage and enroll new visitors. Wouldn’t you agree?

If your current website lacks “authority” … or if critical elements are not “above-the-fold” … or if you’re missing key graphics in the correct positions … or if your web copy is dull and “wooden” … then your website can’t serve you!

Authority Blueprint Solves These Problems >> 

Effective website design is a delicate balance of beneficial content for visitor engagement and subtle, yet compelling sales copy to enroll browsers into buyers. Makes sense? Sadly, most authors, speakers, trainers or entrepreneurial

CEOs have no idea what an Authority Website looks like! Routinely, they lean on the bad advice of friends, family or colleagues who have little or no web conversion know-how.

Bottom Line: The primary purpose of mass exposure is to GROW your email subscription list. Period! If you fail to do that, then all of your marketing efforts will be lost 😦

Alex & Steve have recorded a video tutorial to make certain you maximize the impact of your new Authority Website and publish it for the pubic in the next few weeks.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?  It is fun, but you’ve got to take the first step and download the Authority Blueprint!

authority website blueprint

“More Exposure and Promotion with New Media”

We review “Push Button Influence” a new program by Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher.

LIVE Now! Learn how you can get your own custom magazine issue just like issue 50 of Paid To Think Business Magazine. Our new edition, Push Button Influence Review, is available now!

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